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The Flower Garden has Secrets to Share

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

The Flower Garden

Splendid do we rise from the cool depths of the earth

Each season that passes our joyous rebirth.

Kissed by the sun and those that attend our unfolding

To the elements of the earth, we are beholden.

Painted petals brushed with the magician’s wand

Listen closely, and you might hear our song.

Both tall and small, an expression of grace

If you pause for a moment, you may see our face.

For our purpose is to fill this landscape with beauty

From meadows to mountains, forests, & blue sea.

To balance the harmonics of this sacred land

We turn to you… and ask for your hand.

For the time has come when the veils become thin

And the secrets we’ve kept will now begin

To impart to those with awakened hearts

The call of the cosmos is asking for your part.

There is no longer time to sit and play small

The path to love must require us all.

So, plant a garden and invite the flowers

ask elemental beings to come forth with their powers.

Restore care and kindness, sprinkle love and grace

Not a moment to lose, quicken the pace.

Extend your hands and share your voice

The earth holds her breath and awaits your choice.

For whatever you choose, you must know this…

The circle continues, despite what you think

Systems weave together and create their own links.

This plan has been in motion since the beginning of time

Slowly braiding our voices, both yours and mine.

So, step forward in joy and feel the magic abound

The time has come to kiss the ground.

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